Reminder - COVID-19 Vaccination Letter from School Aged Immunisation Team

Wed 06 Oct 2021
Dear Parent/Carer,
COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 12 to 15 years of age on the day of the vaccination session.
I am writing to inform you that we will soon be offering COVID-19 vaccinations in school. I would like to ask if you wish to give your consent for your child to receive a first dose of the vaccine. 
This vaccination will be free of charge and our highest priority is making it easy for children to access one dose of the vaccine before the winter.  
The main purpose of the COVID-19 school age vaccination programme is to provide protection to the children who receive the vaccine and may help to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in the wider population.
During the vaccination delivery we will maintain the range of measures we have in place to keep you safe from COVID-19. 
Once we have your consent, we will schedule the vaccination appointment. 
Please complete the online consent form using the link and school code below:
School Code:  NG138247
By consenting you will be helping to play your part in reducing the risk of COVID-19 spreading. 
Best wishes,
School Aged Immunisation Team