Vision Mission Statement

Vision actively supports the aims and objectives of the school, and contributes to the raising of educational achievement and works towards nurturing a love of reading.

Opening Times

Vision is open before school every day from 8.00am.
Break and Lunchtime – All welcome during Break and Lunchtimes
Vision is open after school on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
until 3.30pm and on Friday until 3.00pm.


Vision is staffed by
Janine Randall – Qualified Librarian


Lower Level (first floor)
All book resources are on this level
Seating for a total of 21 students plus additional 14 at computer desks
Comfy seating by way of 2 settees, stools and bean bags
All computers with colour printing facility
Interactive Whiteboard
Stationery Shop
Portable Hi-Fi System
Upper Level (second floor)
Seating for a total of 30 students plus additional 30 at computer desks with colour printing facility
Interactive Whiteboard


Approximately 13,000 books
This includes Reference, Local Studies and Staff collections
A comprehensive careers section
Local newspaper

Online Resources

Access to the internet
Kudos online (by subscription)

Accelerated Reading Programme

Vision supports all Yr 7 and Yr 8 students by providing a wide choice of fiction books to encourage students to find pleasure in reading.