Bally Ward

Associate Assistant Principal - Deep Leadership - I have worked at Outwood Academy Valley for the past 12 years, working within the Inclusion department in various roles. This is where my passion lies, making a difference in students lives. I help to ensure students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. I am also a member of the safeguarding team at Valley. I support students to deal with social and emotional barriers they may face within their 5 years at OA Valley.
I have been a part of the Deeps team since 2013 and have been involved in many projects during this time. I have established a very successful Peer Mentoring programme and had the privilege to train all our academies within the family of schools. We are now looking at supporting our partner academies. I have also been heavily involved in Transition for the past 4 years. This will be the second year i will lead on Y5/Y6 Transition. I also work closely with our feeder schools and parents to ensure every child receives the support they need to have a successful transition.