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The DfE has now confirmed the higher rate of £3.00 a day for Free School Meals during term time. We’re determined to help as much as possible so, as a one off, we will provide an extra £13.20 to those eligible for Free School Meals by doing the following:

We will continue to pay at the current rate of £2.30 a day but we will also provide vouchers for the two week Easter Holiday. We will update to the higher rate of £3.00 a day from the first day of next term. Thank you.



Free School Meals - Tuesday 24th March 2020

If your child is not attending school but qualifies for a FSM, a take away packed lunch will be available for collection from OAV between 12.45pm & 1.00pm. Children must return home as soon as they have collected their lunch. Thank you.



School Closed

Work will be uploaded to Google Classroom for your child to complete which can be accessed by clicking the 'School Closure' button at the top of the page. Thank you



Parents Evening

Thursday 27 February 2020 4.00pm to 7.00pm



Y10 Preparing to Succeed Event

There is a Y10 Preparing to Succeed Event - Working together to make a difference - Tuesday, 3rd March 2020 4.30pm - 6.00pm, parents/carers are welcome