Key Stage 3 History

In the history department we are enthusiastic about our subject and about the benefits that we believe it offers students. History is vital as it offers an excellent understanding of the way that the world has changed and developed in the past and so helps us to understand the world in which we live today. History is taught by a dedicated team of specialists who believe in challenging students to broaden both their knowledge and skills. We strive to create exciting, imaginative and inspiring lessons through a variety of different techniques.

Our schemes of work are designed to introduce students to skills such as source interpretation, assessing significance and historical enquiry. These skills are transferable to the GCSE course studied at KS4.

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Key Stage 4

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Key Stage 4 RE

Students are studying WJEC Religious Studies, specification B. Specification B involves a thematic study of some central questions and issues in human life and experience and explores the relevance of religious beliefs, practices, values and traditions to these questions and issues. The course relates to many contemporary issues that can be found throughout the media such as marriage and divorce, social justice, medical ethics and life and death.

There are two units of study. For each unit students are required to consider Christian and Muslim views.

2.2 Unit 1 - Religion and Life Issues


2.3 Unit 2 - Religion and Human Experience