At Outwood Academy Valley we have embraced the Personalised Learning agenda and feel very strongly that curriculum design and redesign has a major part to play in the meeting of students’ needs. We have tried to provide opportunities for ‘assessment when ready’ and choice, flexibility and progression are key elements of our curriculum offer. We see the curriculum as the building blocks on which good teaching and learning can take place.

KS3 (Years 7 & 8) – key features

  • Broad range of subjects
  • In each year students study English for 4 hours, Maths for 4 hours, Science for 3 hours, Design and Technology for 2 hours, MFL for 2 hours, Humanities for 3 hours, Life (including Religious Education and PSHE) for 1 hour, PE for 2 hours, Art for 1 hour, Music for 1 hour, Drama for 1 hour and ICT for 1 hour.
  • Students graduate into KS4 at the end of Year 8 provided that their effort has been satisfactory during KS3.
  • All students graduating from year 8 are encouraged to take part in the Outward Bound residential which takes place at the end of Year 8 or the start of Year 9.
  • Please see the Faculties tab for subject specific information.

KS4 (Years 9, 10 & 11) – key features

  • Up to 16 periods per week for core subjects: English, Maths, Science, PE and Life (including Religious Studies).
  • Up to 12 periods per week for option subjects. Students generally complete 3 option qualifications at the end of Year 10 and may complete other option qualifications in Year 11.
  • Range of vocational courses on offer.
  • Opportunities for students to have extra option time for English, maths and/or separate sciences.
  • Opportunities for students to attend after school enrichments to support achievement in core and option subjects.
  • Current options in Year 9 include, Food, Construction, Resistant Materials, Textiles, French, Spanish, Geography, History, PE, Art, Photography, Music, Drama, Dance, Computer Science, Health and Social Care,Child Development, ICT and Business Studies. Some students study Option Maths instead of one of their 3 options for Years 9 and 10.
  • Current options for Year 10 include Food, Construction, Resistant Materials, Textiles, Graphics, French, Spanish, Geography, History, PE, Art, Photography, Music, Drama, Computer Science, ICT, Business Studies, Health and Social Care and Child Development. Some students study Option English or Option Maths.
  • Current options for Year 11 include Media Studies, Statistics, Construction, Geography, History, RE, Citizenship, Photography, Dance, Finance, Business Communications and Psychology. Some students study Option English, Option Maths or a further Triple Science Option.
  • Please see the Faculties tab for subject specific information.

KS5 (Years 11, 12 & 13) – key features

  • Students are able to begin level 3 courses where appropriate in Year 11.
  • A broad range of level 3 courses allow progression from KS4.
  • A Range of vocational courses are available.
  • Level 2 courses accessible to Year 12/13 students in vertical teaching groups.
  • More information can be found out about the curriculum by attending one of our regular curriculum information evenings or by getting in touch with the Deep Experience team, led by Dave Cavill, Vice Principal.

For further information regarding the curriculum, please contact Mr Dave Cavill, Vice Principal Deep Experience at the Academy.

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