Creative and Performing Arts

Art and Design

Overview of the Year for Art at Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3, students will be introduced to a range of historical and contemporary art and design from around the world. We will introduce students to a wide range of materials, processes and techniques that will enable them to create exciting art work in both 2D and 3D. Students will work in sketchbooks so that they can effectively show their creative journey.


Overview of the Year for Art at Key Stage 4

Introduction to KS4: Art & Design Fine Art or Photography
During Key Stage 4, students will work on given projects to build up a portfolio of work. They will complete coursework which will make up 60% of their grade and they will complete an externally set assignment which will be 40% of their final grade. Students will learn about a wide range of materials, techniques and processes. They will also be expected to discover artists and art movements to provide inspiration for their work. Students will develop their skills both collaboratively and independently and they will receive excellent, guided feedback from our outstanding art staff. Students will work in sketchbooks so that they can effectively show their creative journey.



Overview of the Year for Music at Key Stage 3

Music is a fun and exciting subject to study, and offers a unique way of communication. Music develops all the different learning model skills and qualities, which can be easily transferred to other subjects.
Students in KS3 study a wide variety of music in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding. These will be developed through performing, composing and listening. They will focus on developing their instrumental skills on keyboard, ukuleles, singing, guitar and percussion, and will collaborate and work with others as musicians.


Overview of the Year for Music at Key Stage 4

Introduction to KS4: BTEC Level 2 in Music

This is an exciting course with interesting units of study that can be tailored to the individual needs of each student.

The course consists of 25% external assessment (exam) and 75% internal assessment. Students will complete 2 core units and two optional specialist units. Students will create portfolios of evidence that will show that they have mastered skills in the units studied.

The units are flexible to run alongside each other allowing opportunities for progression with skills throughout the course.

Core Units
The Music Industry (Exam)
Managing a Music Product

Optional Specialist Units (2)
Introducing Live Sound
Introducing Music Composition
Introducing Music Performance
Introducing Music Recording
Introducing Music Sequencing


Overview of the Year for Drama at Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3, students explore a variety of scripts and stimuli to develop their knowledge in drama. Initially students will develop their characterisation and then learn how to structure performance using drama techniques in a variety of different genres.



Overview of the Year for Dance at Key Stage 4

During Key Stage 4 students will complete three units including; Unit 1 – Showcase, Unit 2 – Preparation, Production and Performance and Unit 3 – Dance Skills. Students will begin with Unit 4 to develop and improve their basic dance skills in dance which will enable them to apply dance knowledge when dancing in a performance and creating their own choreography. Students will watch professional dance work analysing and developing ideas for their own choreography. BTEC enables students to explore a range of dance styles which will include; contemporary, modern jazz, theatre craft and many more. Unit 1 and 2 are both internally moderated and Unit 4 is externally moderated.